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About this event:

Created by Ruth Schwartz

BAIPA March 2018 Morning SessionMorning Speaker Presentation with Judy Baker, Book Marketing Mentor

Why you need a book marketing plan

11 AM to 12:15 PM

(General meeting begins at 9 AM, speaker presentation is at 11 AM, after Q&A, networking time, introductions & announcements)

Afternoon Workshop: 1-3 PM
(see separate event)

(Click here for the schedule for the day)

Hopefully, our plans for event registration will all fall into place before this event takes place.
For now, (no advance payment necessary), please send an email to [email protected] letting us know that you will be coming to this morning session.

If you are a member of BAIPA, then your attendance at this morning session is free. If you are a guest, please bring cash, check or credit card to cover your $20.00 fee.

Save time, money, reduce stress, and sell more books when you have a plan.

Judy Baker, Book Marketing Mentor, will provide insights and tips about why a book marketing plan can save you time, money, reduce stress and ultimately help you sell more books.

She will introduce you to the strategies you can use to build your author platform.

You’ll learn why having a plan is valuable and helps you move forward faster. With a plan, you can see where you need support and what you can delegate.

During this session, you will learn:

1.     The power of a marketing plan

2.     How to articulate your intentions

3.     See ways to promote your book authentically without being slimy

4.    Ways to enlist support for your marketing plan

About the Speaker

Judy BakerJudy loves to learn and teach. Her theater training makes her workshops on creativity, branding, and book marketing fun and entertaining. She is leading a workshop at the 2018 Redwood Writers Pen to Published conference in April.

Baker’s brandvines clients include artists and authors, and alternative healthcare professionals. Baker launched a partnership with Judy M. Reyes, Book Marketing Mentor in 2016. Together, they are creating online courses for independent authors to help them build an audience, plan, launch, and market their books.

Judy studied Organization Behavior at UCSF. She became the first Director of Human Resources at Sutter Home Winery.

She did a career pivot when she discovered her writing and design skills were in demand. She provided graphic design services to small businesses in Sonoma. Her clients kept asking for help with marketing. Judy added marketing services and expanded around the country.

Judy is a Past President of BAIPA and continues to serve on the Board. She is Membership Chair for Redwood Writers, the largest California Writers Club with over 300 members.

Visit brandvines.com and bookmarketingmentor.com to see marketing tips and videos produced by Judy.

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