[PAST EVENT] August Morning Session: Ask David — Q & A on Ebook Publishing and More

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About this event:

Created by Ruth Schwartz

Join BAIPA on August 12 for

Ask David About Ebooks

Morning Speaker Presentation: 11 AM to 12:15 PM

Afternoon Workshop: 1-3 PM
(see separate event)

(General meeting begins at 9 AM, speaker presentation is at 11 AM, after Q&A,

networking time, introductions & announcements)

(Click here for the schedule for the day)

David Kudler

Ebooks are arguably the most important format for independent publishers— since we sell so many more of them than we do print books.

Every month, our Q&A sessions field many questions about what ebooks are, how they’re made, and how they’re sold. And every month, ebook developer and BAIPA board member David Kudler answers as many of them as he can.

This month, we are devoting a complete day to David sharing what he knows about ebooks.

The Morning Session is entitled Ask David About Ebooks. He will give a brief introduction to what an ebook is and how they’re made. Then he will take your questions.

About our speaker

David Kudler is an expert provider of publishing services and a consultant to independent and self-publishers. An author himself, he released his teen historical novel Risuko in June, 2016. He serves as publisher for Stillpoint Digital Press. Since 1999, he has overseen the publications program of the Joseph Campbell Foundation, for which he has edited three posthumous volumes of Campbell’s previously unpublished work and managed the publication of over fifty print, ebook, print, audio, and video titles, including the third edition of the seminal Hero with a Thousand Faces. He is honored to serve on the BAIPA board.


  1. Carol Sheldon says

    Most of us already know what ebooks are, and have used them. I wish the process of turning a print book ms into an ebook would be in the morning. Otherwise, I don’t know what my annual dues are for in this and other meetings that save the ‘meat’ until afternoon, when we have to pay for belonging to BAIPA a second time.

    • David Kudler says

      Carol, the discussion of “what is an ebook?” will take about 15 minutes. The rest of the hour will be taken up with specific member questions.

      In the afternoon, I’ll be walking through a hands-on process of converting an ms into an ePub ebook.

      I promise it will be a valuable day!

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