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About this event:

Created by Ruth Schwartz

Learn how customers’ online behaviors relate to their online store behavior, so that you can drive sales with your metadata.

Morning Speaker Presentation: 11am to 12:15pm
Kelly Peterson of INscribe Digital

(General meeting begins at 9am, speaker presentation is at 11am, after Q&A,
networking time, introductions & announcements)
(Click here for today’s meeting schedule)

As consumers increasingly buy print and eBooks online, publishers and authors need a more a more nuanced understanding of what drives customers to click the buy button. After all, you can’t just put the book on the front-of-store tables to guarantee sales! Kelly Peterson will show how customers’ online behaviors relate to their in-store behavior, focused on using your metadata to drive sales.  We will discuss how descriptions, author biographies, BISACs and keywords can make your target customer discover your title – and get them to click to buy.

About Kelly Peterson

Kelly Peterson, INScribe DigitalKelly Peterson is Director of Client Services at INscribe Digital, and brings 20 years of marketing and merchandising experience to her current role. At INscribe Digital, she helps major trade publishers, university presses, independent publishers, agents and authors maximize their eBook sales and marketing efforts at the major retailers. Prior to INscribe, Kelly worked at Borders Group, Inc. for 14 years, initially at Waldenbooks and later running the eBook program. She is a Board Member and Professional Development Coordinator for the Bay Area Women in Publishing in her leisure time.


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