[PAST EVENT] Guided Metadata Workshop with Kelly Peterson of INscribe Digital

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About this event:

Created by Ruth Schwartz

Learn how to craft successful metadata using a single example, then apply that to a backlist title of your own.

Speaker: Kelly Peterson of INscribe Digital

Afternoon Speaker Presentation: 1pm to 3pm

The best way to learn how to do metadata is practice, practice, practice!  Work on a single example, then apply your new skill to one of your backlist (or a future title in a group of two to three.  

Work together to refine an example, and then develop your own metadata for the best results.  This will be a peer critique session after a brief introduction, and will require participation from every attendee.  Kelly will work as a traveling coach to provide insight and support. The best way to learn any new skill is practice, practice, practice!


About Kelly Peterson

Kelly Peterson, INScribe DigitalKelly Peterson is Director of Client Services at INscribe Digital, and brings 20 years of marketing and merchandising experience to her current role. At INscribe Digital, she helps major trade publishers, university presses, independent publishers, agents and authors maximize their eBook sales and marketing efforts at the major retailers. Prior to INscribe, Kelly worked at Borders Group, Inc. for 14 years, initially at Waldenbooks and later running the eBook program. She is a Board Member and Professional Development Coordinator for Bay Area Women in Publishing in her leisure time.

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