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About this event:

Created by Ruth Schwartz

Join BAIPA on April 8
To learn how to have your book go viral online, including: Adopting The Right Attitude and Using Word of Mouth, Reviews, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, and Your Secret Step

Speaker: Laurence O’Bryan of BooksGoSocial

Afternoon Speaker Presentation: 1pm to 3pm

Here’s the problem many authors face right now:

You don’t know how to cost-effectively get your book out to a wider audience. And you know that the tools and the opportunities exist to do this, because some other authors are getting this right. But that’s not the end of the problem…

What makes this even worse is that you can’t get the attention of potential readers, book bloggers, agents and publishers as well! This means you’ll never see your book being an independent, self-published bestseller, or have a chance of being traditionally published.

Trying to figure out how to make your book go viral—spread rapidly to readers—can be a nightmare. If you’re an author who wants to see your book reach a wide audience, but can’t figure out where to start, here’s the answer you’ve been looking for:
This workshop will help you:

• Avoid letting rejection by the traditional publishing industry stop you.
• Escape trying to turn a “No” into a “Yes.”
• Sidestep sabotaging your marketing efforts.
• Save yourself from wasting time.
• Avoid getting on people’s “must avoid” list.
• Learn how to develop your own viral marketing materials.
• Discover how the viral marketing process works.
• Craft a written viral marketing plan for your story—yes, you need to do some work. We don’t have a magic wand!
• Discover the insider secrets about going viral, fast.
• Ensure you can get a maximum monthly payday from your book.
• Realize how every author can quickly enjoy maximum exposure.
• See a huge boost to your writing career and income.
• Learn short and long-term solutions to sell your book.
• Discover the secret tactics that will instantly put you on a level playing field with every published author.

About Laurence O’Bryan

• Spent ten years trying to get published, until he started a blog and Twitter account in 2010
• Got a three book deal from Harper Collins 11 months later
• Earned out his advance in foreign rights sales before his first book was published
• Sold the option for his first book to a Hollywood production company
• Was paid for that option and for the option to be extended
• #1 Amazon Best Selling Author in two categories
• Short-listed Irish Crime Writer of the Year, 2012
• Translated into 11 languages and published by the world’s leading publishers, including Harper Collins & Hachette
• Winner Best Novel Submitted Award Southern California Writers Conference 2007
• 30 years experience in IT sales, sales management and marketing. Worked targeting businesses and consumer sales managing teams up to 25
• Taught sales, marketing, and digital marketing to writers at International conferences & the Irish Writers Center, Ireland’s leading writers center, where he is now a Director
• Became Director of the College of Digital Marketing at City Colleges in Dublin in 2013 and, after devising and delivering a Digital Marketing Diploma Course for three years. Resigned to deliver his courses himself just for writers
• Founded BooksGoSocial in January 2013 to help authors get discovered
• Helped market over 3,500 books through BooksGoSocial over the past three years, mainly from US authors
• Has received a long list of written and video based testimonials from authors he has helped
• Founded the Dublin Writers Conference featuring writers from all over the world
• Has overseen growth to over 730,670 in Twitter followers & manages Facebook groups & pages with over 30,000 members

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