[PAST EVENT] August Afternoon Workshop: BAIPA Experts Will Guide You with Your Monetizing Building Blocks

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About this event:

Created by Ruth Schwartz

Afternoon Workshop: 1-3 pm

Your Monetizing Building Blocks: Getting Your SEO Right and Your Social Media Set Up and Executed Correctly

Hour 1:

Bob HeymanBob Heyman, BAIPA member and author of the newly released e-book, SEO 4 Authors, will talk on “Using Search Engine Optimization to Sell More Books.”

Bob will explain how he came to coin the term “Search Engine Optimization” (thanks to the Jefferson Starship) and to co-found the first search marketing agency.

He will cover how SEO has changed from the “bad old days” when black-hat techniques dominated to modern times when Google (and Bing) have developed technology to assure that only “relevant” search results are served up to users.


Bob’s presentation will include the following topics from his book:

  • Gеtting thе Sitе Right
  • Discoverability—Bооѕt Уоur Ѕеаrсh Results
  • Social Media Signals
  • Importance of Blogging
  • Using Video Marketing
  • Joining the Conversation—Search Triggers
  • Authority Counts—How to Become an Authority

He will provide help in crafting an SEO strategy and in developing a prioritized list of tactics.  For example, he will focus on how authors can use SEO tools to identify the trending searches and conversations relevant to your book’s subject matter. That data will enable the author to engage potential readers. This technique is akin to learning to “fish where the fish are” and is the closest thing to a magic bullet that exists in today’s search world.

Search engine referrals, especially from Google and Amazon, will contribute intimately to the success or failure of your book marketing. Google Search alone may account for 90% of the visitors to your website.

There are many recurring myths about SEO and a few eternal truths. Bob Heyman, the man who coined the term and has been a practitioner longer than anyone else, will share the truths and puncture the myths.

Hour 2:

Shari WeissShari Weiss, BAIPA board member and college professor focused on social media, will talk on “Setting Up and Implementing Your Social Media for Your Book Marketing Success.”

Do you still have a dozen questions about social media AFTER Frances Caballo and Joel Friedlander’s presentations?

In August, the afternoon workshop will include an hour of Shari’s answers to those questions.

She will also offer a weekly checklist of options for managing your social media participation.

It is conventional wisdom that some social media presence will be critical for your book monetization and success. But often it is confusing about how exactly to organize your social media and how to execute your social media posts. The confusion is due partly to the fact that each of the main social media platforms continues to evolve and change.

Shari Weiss can help. She will be receptive to questions emailed to her in advance at [email protected]. You can also fill out a card that day and get your questions considered.

Shari will give her considered opinion on best practices for some of the major social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +) and may predict their futures.

Shari will help everyone resolve: What’s my best investment in Social Media for my book’s success?

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