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About this event:

Created by Ruth Schwartz

Join BAIPA on July 9 for
The Latest on All Things Amazon: How to Manage Your Most Important Publishing Relationship in 2016

Morning Speaker Presentation: 11am to 12:15pm
Afternoon Workshop: 1-4pm
(see separate event)




(General meeting begins at 9am, speaker presentation is at 11am, after Q&A,
networking time, introductions & announcements)
(Click here for the schedule for the day)

Let’s face it—Amazon is the 800-pound gorilla in the publishing industry, whether you are talking about traditional publishers or the growing self/independent publishing world. So understanding how to use this powerful tool to help you to promote and sell your book is an essential key for success. And you can get the answers at the BAIPA meeting and special afternoon workshop on July 9th!

Led by indie publishing veterans and BAIPA board members David Kudler and Ruth Schwartz (with assists from other BAIPA members), this day will give you a map to the many ways in which you can and should interact with Amazon.

Morning Presentation




How Can Your Indie Book Flourish in Earth’s Largest Commercial Ecosystem?

The morning session will survey all Amazon programs affecting the independent author/publisher. We will explore the various Amazon programs and subsidiaries that we as independent publishers need to take advantage of. We will start with an overview, and then plunge into 10 key programs.

  • Amazon—Opportunity and Controversy: What’s all the fuss about?
  • CreateSpace—Your Amazon Print-on-Demand Book:Tips on submission and marketing.
  • KDP—Your Amazon Ebook: A quick map of the great KDP Select divide (exclusive or non-exclusive?), and the consequences, including KindleUnlimited and the new subscription payment system.
  • Kindle Scout: A new offering from Amazon. Kindle Scout is reader-powered publishing for new, never-before-published books. It’s a place where readers help decide if a book gets published.
  • AuthorCentral—Your Amazon Author Page:Why you need one, and how to improve what you’ve got.
  • Amazon Affiliates—Your Amazon Associates Relationship: Earn a little for every customer you send to Amazon. Is your own A-store helpful?
  • Amazon Reviews: Best practices for getting them
  • Amazon’s Goodreads: How to engage reviewers for your book.
  • Amazon Advantage: How to sell your offset-printed books on Amazon.
  • Amazon Seller Central: How can you sell autographed copies of your books and other merchandise on the world’s largest marketplace?
  • Audible Creative Exchange (ACX): The Audible world of Amazon and how to navigate your options with the development and distribution of audiobooks.






About the presenters:


KudlerDavid Kudler, the current vice-president of BAIPA, is an expert provider of publishing services and a consultant to independent and self-publishers. He is the founder and publisher for Stillpoint Digital Press, and since 1999, has managed the publication of more than 60 print, ebook, audio, and video titles. A traditionally and self-published author himself, he is preparing the June, 2016 release of his young adult historical adventure novel Risuko.

 Ruth Schwartz, aka the Wonderlady, has been a member of the BAIPA board for more than four years RS-headshot-square-small

and currently oversees the BAIPA website and communications. Known as a Book Midwife, she has helped over 50 authors through the self-publishing process in the last four years, where they get clear about the steps needed to turn out a professional book that looks and reads as good as anything coming from a traditional publisher. She also provides marketing, proofreading and book interior/cover design services, and helps clients set up basic author websites. You can find out more about her at thewonderlady.com.

BeckyBecky Parker Geist, current BAIPA President, is an audiobook expert. She narrates and/or produces audiobooks for an international clientele, including audiobooks in any language and narrated by either gender. She has a 100% acceptance rate on ACX and excels at helping great stories come alive. After receiving her MFA in Acting in 1981, Becky began narrating audiobooks for Library of Congress. Becky is also a published author. Learn more at ProAudioVoices.com.

 Judy Baker helps authors sell more books. Marketing is a conversation. She knows how to get people Bakertalking about your book. A California girl with a passion for communications: theater, design, video, publishing. Brand evangelist, action plan marketing coach. President Emeritus of the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association, she holds the post of Secretary on the Board of the Bay Area Consultants Network 501(c)6 non-profit. Find out more about Judy at brandvines.com.

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